I’ve been a Personal Trainer for almost 20 years, and it must be one of the most satisfying careers, one can be in.

As I’ve grown in the industry & been through some challenges, (physically and mentally) myself, I’ve come to realize just how important the role of the mind is, not just when you are sweating and pushing through a workout in the gym or on the sports field, but also when you are sweating and pushing through in your job, in your family and just in your day to day life.

I have come to realize, that these physical bodies, that I was working on daily, was just a piece of the ‘whole’ I was trying to reach and impact. Each of us, were uniquely made. Each with our own unique personality, strengths, abilities, talents… Each with our own unique set of skills. But most of us don’t get to develop these to their full potential, because of limiting beliefs, that’s been ingrained in us, either by others or even ourselves.

You see, the story that you have been telling yourself and have come to believe about yourself has become such a part of you, that when an opportunity heads your way, you have already convinced yourself, that you can not do it, that you do not have the skills, the experience or the expertise, BEFORE you even gave it much thought or considered your options. You have shot yourself down, before you even gave yourself a chance.

How do I know this? Because that was me…

So many times, I have told clients, friends and family, “You can do it!”  “Don’t be afraid, go for it!” “Oh wow, I can see you being a huge success!” “I am so proud of you!”. But then, when it comes to me and my abilities and opportunities, I told myself all kinds of horror stories, about WHY it will NOT work and WHY I’m not good enough. I listened to other people telling me why it won’t work… And before I knew it, I have given up on myself and my dream.

I was tired of this constant disappointment in myself, to not even talk about the disappointment I caused in others… I was tired of this constant inner tug-of-war, between the girl who knew that she was meant for greater things, the girl who knew deep down inside that she was worth it, that she wasn’t meant to be ordinary, that she was placed on this earth to make a difference in people’s lives, and the strong mental pull back from the girl, who was afraid, scared and full of self-doubt.

I knew there was more to life, than what I was currently experiencing. I decided to further my studies in Psychology, in hopes that I’ll find my answer there… and when I finished with my Honors Degree, I’ve realized that I still do not consist of the practical tools and skills that I wanted and needed, in order to help my clients as well as myself, break through these barriers and limiting beliefs.

Then I came across Life Coaching, and it immediately resonated with me. It changed my life! It changed how I looked at my own life and those around me.

I am now a Certified Transformation Life Coach, equipped to not only help my clients change their physical bodies, but also break through those mental blocks and barriers that’s been keeping them from reaching their full potential and being the unique, amazing beings, they were intended to be.

Remember, EVERYTHING you need is already inside of you, you just need to take the key to what seems Impossible and turn it into I’mPossible!

Why Transformation Coaching?

There are many different coaching methodologies out there, so what makes Transformation Life Coaching different? Firstly, I am not just your cheerleader who cheers you along whilst following an action plan in reaching your life goals.

No, I am here to show you that whatever you put your mind to is not just possible but attainable. I use ground-breaking techniques that will completely change your perspective on life, how you perceive the world around you as well as yourself!

Coaching Program

The I’mPossible Transformation Life Coaching Program covers:
Your Values
Goal Setting
Achieving System
Life changing
Life Principles
Understanding your
Subconscious Mind
New Focus Filters
What you focus on expands
Conflict Therapy
Emotional Therapy
Limiting Beliefs
New Empowering
Self Love
Start Taking Action

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